ISP Objectives

The Incorporated Society of Planters was established for the development and advancement of the professional interests of those involved directly and indirectly with the plantation industry. The society’s primary objectives as laid down in its Memorandum of Association are as follows:

  • To promote the advancement and facilitate the requisition of that knowledge which constitutes the professional qualification of planter.
  • To promote the general interests of the planting profession.
  • To watch over, promote and protect the mutual and individual interests of its members in respect of matters pertaning to or arising from their employment in the planting profession.
  • To promote and maintain good feeling, co-operation and understanding between members and their employers.
  • To ascertain and recommend fair and reasonable terms and conditions of service for Planters.
  • To advise, recommend, liaise, mediate and otherwise to be concerned in or with relations between and matters of mutual interest to members and employers.
  • To furnish to members, prospective or otherwise, information, advice and assistance in respect of matters relating to the profession and employment therein and in particular to furnish to members opinion, advice and assistance in legal matters pertaining to or arising out of their employment as Planters.
  • To assist members and prospective members to obtain employment.
  • To afford to members and others facilities for co-operation in all matters affecting the interests of Planters and , in particular, to promote or oppose legislative measures affecting or likely to affect members, to communicate and consult with public authorities and with kindred bodies on all matters affecting the interests of members and to co-operate with other persons and bodies in all.
  • To further, undertake, superintend and/or administer such matters charitable or benevolent institutions or undertakings.
  • To establish , print, publish and distribute and/or participate in the business of printing and publishing a newspaper or newspapers, journals, books, pamphlets or publications in the interests of Planters and the professional, cultural and social interests of members.
  • To improve the technical knowledge of members and with a view thereto to provide for the delivery of lectures and the holding of classes and examinations and the granting of certificates, diplomas and scholarships, and to promote, encourage and participate in the technical training of Planters.