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Members’ Benefits

The membership benefits established at the ISP inception in 1919 continues to guide the roles of the Society today. Albeit updates and upgrades, the benefits remain strongly focused on nurturing a member’s personal and professional well-being.

Members residing within the area of a Branch are automatically assigned by Headquarters to that Branch and will be able to participate in Branch activities. However, applicants can opt for the Branch of their choice.

All paid-up members are entitled to vote. (All life members shall be entitled to receive all the privilages of Ordinary membership of the society)

In and through its commitment to the training and education of Planters, the ISP is hugely motivated to promote top industry practices and qualifications. Members of the ISP have access to and are encouraged to be part of the Society’s professional development, networking and community enhancing initiatives.


Professional qualifications obtained by examination: 

  • The professional Diploma of LICENTIATE of the Incorporated Society of Planters (LISP).
  • The advanced professional Diploma of ASSOCIATE of the Incorporated Society of Planters (AISP).
  • A postgraduate Diploma of FELLOW of the Incorporated Society of Planters (FISP).

National Seminar (NATSEM) & International Planters Conferences (IPC)

The ISP Planter Conference is an anticipated event on the Society’s calendar. Featuring an illustrious speaker line-up, the conferences are well-attended events that have played a key role in advancing planters knowledge and fostering networking opportunities with global counterparts.

The ISP organises Seminars & Conferences that will benefit members and the plantation industry at large.

The first conference was held in 1924 and continued ever since with the National Seminar (NATSEM) which is held for two consecutive years, followed by an International Planters Conference (IPC).

Competency & Technical Programmes of ISPM & Collaborations

ISPM regularly conducts training programmes to promote general interests in the planting profession and to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge for the planter’s professional qualifications.

  • Short courses (public & In-House).
  • Certificate in Plantation Management (CPM).
  • Advisory & Consultancy services.
  • Collaborations with public and private companies related to plantation and agriculture programs.
  • Free 12 issue of e-Planter magazine per annum.
  • Berita ISP – Newsletter that mainly covers ISP’s activities.

Resource Centre has more than 2,500 books for members reference especially on plantation related matters.

Whether offering scholarship to equip suitably-qualified individuals for the plantation and agriculture sector; or rewarding the success of a school leaver; the ISP is committed to providing members access to opportunities that further education.


  • The ISP-EDUCATION FUND (ISP-EF) is a scholarship scheme awarded for the study of a tertiary level qualification in areas relevant to the plantation and agriculture industry including Husbandry, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and related courses.
  • The fund is open to applicants who satisfy the application requirements of the fund as below: –
    1. Children of members-in-benefit and student members’ children.
    2. Applicant have been offered tertiary education in any recognised Malaysian institutions of higher learning and have enrolled in plantation and agriculture including Husbandry, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and related courses.
    3. Applicants will be governed by a set of criteria and conditions upon selection of such of funding for 3-4 years whichever is relevant.


  1. The scheme will be called “ISP Excellence Award”.
  2. The award is meant for SPM, STPM, and A-Level or equivalent high achievers only.
  3. It is opened to ISP members’ children including legally adopted children and children of ISP staff.
  4. The members must be members-in-benefit (paid-up members) with a minimum of 3 years continuous membership and ISP staff, confirmed and with a minimum of 3 years’ service with ISP, prior to the examination date.
  5. ISP will allocate cash value for each category at the discretion of ISP Board of Directors.
  6. To be eligible, the candidate must have obtained a minimum of 8 As in SPM or 3.00 CGPA in STPM or A-Level or equivalent for the relevant year.
  7. The ISP-Education Fund Committee will decide and select the high achievers and its decision will be final and shall not be challenged. Appeals will not be entertained. ISP has the right to reject the application.
  8. Only certified true copies of the results certified by the school Head Masters/Principals or Education Departments will be accepted for consideration. Photostat copies are not acceptable. ISP reserves the right to verify the results with the relevant authorities.
  9. Applications for the award should be received by the ISP Headquarters directly or via Branch Chairmen within one month from the announcement of the results for the relevant year.


On the demise of an IRF member, the family members will be receiving an immediate relief fund of RM5,000.00 from ISP.

Dependents of ISP members’-in-benefits is eligible for this fund.


The Planters’ Benevolent Trust of Malaysia (PBTM) was set up with the objective of helping planters who have fallen on hard times. To This end, The PBTM (Registered Trustees) was established in 1971, under Trustees (Incorporation) Ordinance, 1952 with the OBJECTIVE of relieving necessitous persons who are or have been employed in an executive or managerial capacity in an enterprise within the Malaysian plantation industry and the wives, widows and children of such persons.

It must be emphasized that the Trust exists to help planters and their dependents in times of need. The Trust provides grants and allowances to necessitous persons and these are approved after careful scrutiny of the circumstances of the applicant: The Trustees must satisfy themselves that all potential recipients of the grants and allowances are in genuine difficulties, whether of temporary or long-term nature. The operative word here is Necessitous, meaning in dire need of financial assistance.

The Trust is administered under a Trust Deed by an independent Board of Trustees, consisting of representatives from the plantation industry appointed by the Malaysian Palm Oil Association (MPOA) and The Incorporated Society of Planters (ISP) under the chairmanship of an independent party.

The Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer are responsible of the day-to-day running
of the Trust and its financial affairs, both functions currently performed by the ISP.


Necessitous persons who are or have been employed in an executive or managerial capacity in an enterprise within the Malaysian plantation industry and the wives, widows and chidren of such persons.


In dire need of financial help.

ISP bookstore, stocking in-house publications and other local/overseas publications related to the Plantation Industry.

The store also includes all ISP related merchandises such as corporate shirts, Tie, Car badge and many more.