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The Incorporated Society of Planters is technically a professional body incorporated on 8th October 1919 as a company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital under the Companies Act.

ISP Management (M) Sdn. Bhd. (ISPM) is a wholly own subsidiary of ISP which was incorporated on 30 November 1996. ISPM is the commercial arm of ISP and was incorporated to take up all the profit-driven operating activities from ISP and all activities related to non-members to ISPM.

For a hundred years up to the early eighties, the plantation sector played a vital role in Malaysia's economy. It created vast employment opportunities in the country and was a major contributor to foreign exchange earnings. Malaysia became the world leader in plantation agriculture.

With the strong economic growth in recent years, there has been a shift in the plantation industry from the previous concern of creating employment opportunities towards upgrading skills for productivity to maintain Malaysia's competitiveness. For Malaysia to retain its position in the forefront of plantation agriculture, it must take a lead in technical innovations, such as mechanisation of estate operations, and through increased value added in the downstream utilisation of the country's primary products.

The Incorporated Society of Planters (ISP) with a proven team at its helm will continue to tap the innovative and technical skills of its members to maintain the growth of the Society and Malaysia's unrivalled record of excellence in plantation agriculture, in the new millennium.


Functions of ISP

  1. Award Of Professional Qualifications
  2. Maintaining A Register
  3. Application Of Membership
  4. Publications


Award of Professional Qualifications

Since 1928, the ISP has conducted the Technical Education Scheme which leads to internationally recognised qualifications in plantation management and practice.

Under the scheme, the ISP has established four grades of professional qualification which may be obtained by examination:

i) A professional Diploma of LICENTIATE of the Incorporated Society of Planters which entitles the holder to use the designatory letters LISP.

ii) An advanced professional Diploma of ASSOCIATE of the Incorporated Society of Planters which entitles the holder to use the designatory letters AISP.

iii) A postgraduate Diploma of FELLOW of the Incorporated Society of Planters which entitles the holder to use the designatory letters FISP.

iv) A CERTIFCATE in OIL PALM or RUBBER PROCESSING of the Incorporated Society of Planters which entitles the holder to use the designatory letters ISP Cert Oil Palm/Rubber Proc.

 The Associate Diploma (AISP) is widely regarded as equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree and is accepted by a number of universities as an entry requirement to their Master’s degree programmes. The AISP is generally accepted within the planting industry as a professional qualification in terms of employment requirement.

The TES became the avenue through which to pursue and obtain professional qualifications at the Licentiate level (LISP) or at the Advanced Diploma level (AISP). In addition, to create a group of technocrats and professionals within the industry, the ISP in collaboration with University Putra Malaysia launched the Masters in Science in Plantation Management (MScPM) in 1997.

While catering for the advancement of its own members through the TES (via Diplomas, Fellowship, and Masters) the ISP also recognises the need to train the general staff of the plantation industry. The ISP through its subsidiary company ISPM (M) Sdn Bhd, has developed two programmes to cater for the needs of the planting industry.The first level is the competency based Certificate in Plantation Practices (CPP) which is targeted towards fresh school leavers who have an affinity and desire to take up jobs in the plantation industry and the second level is the Certificate in Plantation Management (CPM) which is a stepping stone for those in the general staff category in furtherance of enhanced knowledge and career prospects in the industry.The planting industry, be it on our own soil or overseas look for managers with qualifications such as these. These qualifications will prove worthy for those who seek greener pastures in their career path.


Maintaining a Register

The ISP maintains a register which contain the names, addresses and other identification details of members who comprise plantation industry executives, assistants, managers, agriculturists and researchers from both the public and private sectors.


Application Of Membership

In upholding the professionalism of Planters, the ISP Board scrutinises every application to ensure that all applicants seeking membership are qualified.



As one of the strategies to promote high standards in the planting profession, the ISP publishes a journal THE PLANTER and books on the management of plantation crops.

THE PLANTER is published monthly and carries articles on plantation crops, tropical agriculture, estate management and practice, as well as other articles to assist the career development of members. THE PLANTER has been published since 1920.

The ISP commissions technical publications on the cultivation and processing of estate crops, and the management of plantations which are text books for the Technical Education Scheme.

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